Medical Faculty:

"Medicine - 5 course"

Subject - Anaesthesiology & intensive care

The department of anesthesiology and critical care medicine was established on June 2, 2014 at the "Ternopil University Hospital" by reorganizing the department of surgery with anesthesiology number 2.

Headed the department Professor, MD, anesthesiologist higher attestation category Alexander V. Oliynyk. He is author and co-author of 80 scientific works, 7 inventions, co-author of the monograph of osteoporosis. He defended his doctoral thesis. The department has two professors, two associate professors, two assistants and two technicians. Professor, MD Gnativ Volodymyr Volodymyrovich, associate professor, candidate of medical sciences Chepil Ivanna, Kostiv Olga and assistant professor, candidate of medical sciences Yuriy Soroka and Dobrorodniy Andriy works at the department. Prof. V V Gnativ is the author and co-author of 62 scientific works, 4 inventions and 19 innovations.

Head of the department Professor, MD, Alexander V. Oliynyk

Educational work of the department

The department teach the basics of anesthesiology and intensive care students and interns (family physicians, emergency physicians, surgeons, trauma, obstetricians, neurologists). That’s why the department involved in the educational process three faculties - the Faculty of foreign students, the Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Postgraduate Education. The department of anesthesiology and resuscitation successfully implementing introduced teaching methods. All courses introducted credit-modular system of educational process. Teachers of the department developed a new methodological support in the form of training materials, presentations, lectures, teaching materials for the students algorithms practical skills, teaching materials for teachers. All is avaliable on paper and electronically, and students have free access to this.

The location of the department at the university clinic provides a higher level of relations between students and practicing doctors, medical personnel, these include how to younger colleagues. Students participate in clinical discussions and collated, clinical conferences. The organization of educational process and current control in the Department of Anesthesiology is not limited only to the assessment of student learning using test tasks and situational problems, given the shortcomings of unilateral control. We processed, discussed at meetings of the department and implemented in the educational process knowledge assessment system, which includes a survey of students, developing their practical skills, solving test tasks and situational problems and control of deontological demands with the union in a traditional assessment. Teachers use in educational process methodical instructions, tests type "Step 2". The department is constantly updated and improved theme lectures, workshops and methodological development.

prof. Oliynyk O.V. with foreing student

Clinical work of the department

Medical facilities is a division of anesthesiology and intensive care. The teachers of department provide anesthesia for operational interventions in Ternopil University Hospital. They provide more than 500 complex operating procedures a year. In operating procedures used methods of regional anesthesia, epidural, spinal, stem and terminal anesthesia. In the department of anesthesiology and intensive therapy is widely used inhalation endotracheal low current sevoran anesthesia using anesthesia machines «Leon», conduct membrane plasmapheresis, acute hemodialysis in the relevant categories of patients, drug-induced fibrinolysis in thromboembolic complications, using different methods of noninvasive ventilation using apparatus «Drager» controlled volume and pressure. In the department continuously monitoring patients, which includes kardiomonitorynh, monitoring blood gases and respiratory compounds, acid-base status.

associate professor, candidate of medical sciences Kostiv Olga

The clinic conducted intensive infusion-transfusion therapy, correction fluid and electrolyte, acid-base status, parenteral and enteral nutrition, antibiotic therapy, using different methods of detoxification therapy. The clinic developed new methods aimed of optimizing preoperative preparation, intraoperative and postoperative correction treatment of peptic ulcer disease. Introduced way to determine the oxygen saturation of the bowel wall and its viability in the colonic obstruction by pulsoksymetr, developed methods of prevention and treatment of primary anastomosis failure during operations on the colon and rectum.

associate professor, candidate of medical sciences Chepil Ivanna

The department cooperates with clinics anesthesiology and intensive therapy Wroclaw University Hospital and West MiddlesexLondon University (London, UK).